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In the United Kingdom, commuters spend 251 hours commuting to and from work annually, this has a negative effect on mental health and work-life balance due to poor time management. Large amounts of unproductive time are wasted on these journeys, that could be turned into Audible time. 

The idea and execution

I wanted to position Audible as a platform that provides an escape to commuting, but also a solution for commuters who want to learn new skills but never have time. This was an OOH campaign, billboards and posters were placed strategically around train stations.

Audible Ad1.png

‘Get Inspired’ is a campaign that focused on revitalising commuters during all the chaos and hardships of commuting, through motivational and inspirational quotes. 

'Get Inspired' will partner with Starbucks Coffee for a loyalty incentive called 'Friday Feeling.' Every commuter is entitled to a free beverage once a week for a month of the 30 free-day trial if they use Audible for 20 minutes a day.

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